Our Story

Mila Bartova Pole DancingMy name is Mila Bartova and I am the founder of pole.zone, the first website dedicated exclusively to gear for pole enthusiasts and athletes.

I was born in Tabor, a beautiful little town in the Czech Republic. Yes I am a child of communism and repressed Eastern European culture; who would have ever thought that one day I would be a pole dancer!  As a child I was very active and loved sports. I started working as auxiliary staff at a local gym at the age of 14 to support my hobbies (ballroom dancing and karate). I saw women and men taking aerobic classes, getting into shape, walking out happy and I fell in love with the fitness industry right then and there. I found my calling; I became a certified personal trainer and aerobic instructor and devoted my life to helping people become healthier and happier through fitness.

I discovered pole dancing 6 years ago and was instantly hooked. I couldn’t believe there are other grown-ups who obviously miss a jungle gym and don’t mind getting bruised in order to land a new pole trick. Not only was pole such an amazing workout for me (and I believe it can challenge anybody’s athletic capabilities)--it has also allowed me to rediscover the beauty of movement I was missing in all my other workouts. As a former ballroom dancer I really appreciate the artistry, self expression and sensuality as much as the athleticism. After becoming a certified pole fitness instructor I started teaching at several local studios and thanks to pole my journey of helping women and men feel empowered, happy and healthy continues to this day.

I love my students and the camaraderie at the studios. Honestly, nothing makes me happier than watching them leave my class with smiles on their faces, knowing they just did something good for their body and soul. My students now often turn to me for advice on a healthy lifestyle, on how to become a better poler and also where to get the best pole gear for their specific needs. I struggled for a while trying to help them pick fitness wear that fits their bodies, guess what shoes they should buy and what accessories would fit them best. I used to recommend multiple websites to go to, because there was no ONE site which had it all. And that’s where the idea of pole.zone was born.

A friend of mine who is a software engineer built the site for me and one of my pole dancing girlfriends is the wizard behind the marketing and I am very grateful to have them both on my team. We look for the best products around the world, we test them, wear them, we talk to our customers and get their feedback. Our goal is to help you navigate through the abundant choices of pole fitness wear, pole dancing shoes and pole gear that's out there. Whether you do pole for fitness (as your workout), whether you are a competitor or an aerial artist/performer, we are here to provide you with the best advice, products and service possible so you can achieve your personal pole fitness goals.

Pole dancing is not a fad, it's here to stay! And I truly believe it can be for everybody, big or small, short or tall, younger or older. We all can make it what we want it to be for ourselves. So take a leap and try it out! And if you already have, keep poling!

Men and women who are empowered are the best version of themselves

Pole.zone is here to educate you, help you feel empowered, confident, sexy and comfortable. Take your journey with us!