It's time to take a look back at 2014 and reflect on the top pole moments!

Bendy Kate

Pole fitness had the best year ever, with pole dancing making its way into mainstream and women becoming more confident. Men are dancing more than ever now as well, and the push to make pole an Olympic sport is growing stronger every day. Let's look at some of the top rated pole routines of 2014:


France Pole Dance Championship 2014 Winner (Prana Ovide-Etienne)

Miss Pole Dance UK 2014 Champion (Yvette Dusol)

Copenhagen Pole Competition 2014 (Anastasia Skukhtorova)

World Pole Dance 2014 Winning Performance (Bendy Kate)

Don't forget the guys...

Senior Men's World Pole Sports Championship 2014 (Felipe Mendoza)

...and the up and coming talent!

Pole Art Cyprus 2014 Junior Winner (11 year old Olga Trifonova)

Who were your favorite performers this year in the Pole Fitness category?