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How Pole Dancing Beats Yoga and Pilates – Hands Down!

Friday, January 23, 2015 8:02:18 AM America/Los_Angeles

Looking for a sexy new workout? Wondering what sets pole fitness apart?After all, wouldn't yoga or Pilates be just as good?


The answer: No! Pole dancing is a far more strenuous and beneficial discipline than either yoga or Pilates, and here's why:


* Pole dancers, unlike Yoga advocates and Pilates acolytes, gain far more upper body strength and core strength. They can literally support their body weight with just one limb!


* Pole fitness works out leg and arm muscles you just don't reach with yoga and Pilates. Polers can risk becoming lopsided, however, so make sure you work your weak side as well as your leading side!


* Pole dancing class is a way to meet people and share styles, as well as providing a great workout. Pilates and yoga tend to be quiet and solitary - even if you are in a group.


* Pole dancing lets you be creative. With yoga and Pilates, you have your workout all laid out for you. With pole fitness, you get to create your own workouts, and add your own style and flair to each move!


* Polers get the best outfits. Let's be honest - yoga pants or a PIlates top isn't all that sexy when you compare it to the awesome outfits you get to create and wear for your pole dance competitions!


* Pole dancing is a competitive sport, and could soon be in the Olympics! (Can you say "Poleympics"? We can!) You won't see yoga or Pilates being included any time soon.


Beside of all these other reasons, Poling is also a way to feel sexy and empowered, totally in control of your body, yet creating something beautiful. You certainly won't get bruises, skinned hands and all the other travails that pole fitness lovers do, but you also will never get the rush from completing a yoga or Pilates move that you will when you master your first fireman spin on the pole! Forget about tame exercise routines, and look for a pole-dancing class near you today.

Posted in Pole Dancing By Grace Alexander

6 Reasons to take up Pole Dancing in 2015

Wednesday, December 31, 2014 4:28:06 PM America/Los_Angeles

Are you ready for 2015? Do you have New Years' resolutions all lined up? Is one of those to take up pole dancing?

If not, why not?!

There are hundreds of reasons to take up pole dancing in 2015, but Pole Zone is just going to list six. Here we go!

To get fit. Pole fitness is a rapidly growing trend and it's an intense workout for your core, your abs, your arms and your legs. Look for a pole fitness class near you, and try it out! You'll find that polers are a friendly bunch, and always willing to help out a newbie. Before long, you'll be installing your own pole and practicing night and day, wearing bruises like a badge of honor (we call them pole kisses!)

To have fun. Polers are always having a blast, whether it is learning a new move, helping each other choreograph a routine, singing along to the music, or trying on new outfits. You'll look forward to your pole dance class like you would a party - it's a party all the time with polers in the house!

To raise your self esteem. Many people, especially women, have poor body image and self esteem. Learning to pole helps on several levels - you get to hang out with non-judgemental people who appreciate you for who you are, you get to "improve" your body by getting fit, and you can learn that every body type is capable of pole dancing. This is an enormous boost!

To meet new people. Did we mention pole dancers are awesome? If you are looking to make friends with people who are loyal, fun loving, supportive and cool, hang with some polers. You will find a camaraderie that is unmatched in the world of sports and hobbies.

To become more confident. You can't stay timid if you pole dance. You'll learn to have confidence in your body, confidence in your skills, and confidence in your attitude. The first time you suck it up and perform in front of an audience, you'll be amazed at how great it feels! (Not to mention how sexy you'll feel as you get to know just how amazing your body is!)

Finally, pole dancing is unique, different, and mainstream all at once. When people ask what you do for fun, you'll have the best answer in the room! "I pole dance" isn't code for "I'm a stripper" any more - it's a recognized sport that may become Olympian in the near future, and you can hold your head high when you tell people you practice in your living room!

Come on. Check out a pole class and find out if you have what it takes to be a poler in 2015!

Posted in Pole Dancing By Grace Alexander


Monday, November 17, 2014 12:56:21 PM America/Los_Angeles

Having issues with sweating while working out on the pole? You aren’t alone.

Let’s look at the reality of sweating during polesport: First, if you are sweating, that’s a sign that you are doing something right. Pole dancing is a workout! That said, it can make getting through your workout difficult. If there’s too much sweat on your body or the pole, you lose your friction - and friction is a must-have when doing tricks - especially those one-handed spins! What if your grip slips, and you end up on your head? There are several things you can do and products you can use to prevent disasters and give you the self confidence you need. You just need to get in the habit of thinking about your next ople workout long before you come to class.


Do NOT use regular lotions on your body on the 12-24 hours before pole work.Any oily residue from regular lotions need to be washed off, so if you did put lotion on, take a shower before coming to a class. Even with this precaution, you may be in trouble - as your body perspires it will release excess oil from the lotion that wasn’t absorbed completely and that may still make for a slippery experience.

SOLUTION: If your skin is dry and you do want to moisturize it, use lotions that are engineered specifically with our sport in mind. These lotions are made without oil, so they don’t leave a residue on your body - so even when you do sweat you will at least not be as slippery! Pole Physics lotion is a scientifically engineered no-slick lotion for optimal pole performance.


When you arrive at the studio, you should:

  • Wash your hands (to remove any residue from your day)
  • Take any jewelry off (better yet, leave it at home), for a better grip and to prevent injuries.
  • Clean your pole with rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth.
  • Do adequate warm-up. This applies to your body (don’t forget to stretch!) and your pole. Walk around it a few times in static mode, and do a few simple spins to warm it - and you - up properly.
  • Adjust your environment. Make sure the studio is not too warm and humid in the summer and not too cold in the winter. A fan, air conditioner, or proper heating can make or break a practice session.


If you feel you are slipping CLEAN THE POLE. That said, try not to overdo it - try not to clean your pole after EVERY spin or climb.

When you are a new pole dancer, you’ll sweat even more than usual - due to nerves, anxiety, or even fear! Don’t worry. We all did it. As time goes by, you will gain confidence and your grip will strengthen. Remember, not all pole work is done on the pole - you should also be doing strengthening exercises in between sessions.


If you need some additional help with your grip, you can use the old time favorite dab of shaving cream or a little bit of hairspray on your hands or other parts of your body. You can also use grip aids, like Dry Hands, Tite Grip, Gorilla Grip or Mighty Grip, or even grip gloves (which are especially handy for learning new inverts and need extra support and confidence. Once you master the trick with gloves on, teach yourself to do the move without them.

Don't let yourself become overly dependent on grip aids or gloves. ALmost all tricks should be performable with just your hand and body strength, and you will be doing yourself a disservice by using slip aids as a substitute for good form. In addition, you do NOT need grip aids when working spins on a stationary pole, as the very nature of the moves requires your hands to be able to slip!


There are days when we are extremely sweaty, but there are also days when our skin feels particularly dry and that becomes the reason we can’t stick to the pole. You can use a specialty pole dancing aid like Dew Point to get just the right amount of light, oil-free moisture that your body needs to grip to the pole.

One more thing - if you are executing any exercises where your armpits are the contact points on the pole and you have a deodorant on, you need to wipe it off or you will slide right off! After your shower, instead of deodorant, apply some hand sanitizer and let it dry. This will help with the odor / bacteria and the sweat, but you won’t slip using your armpit for grip.

We all have slippery days and they are never fun. Sometimes it’s the condition of our skin that’s to blame; sometimes it’s our hormones, diet, dehydration or the studio environment. We all try our best to avoid them, but if we can’t grip aids or gloves can usually help.

Just please remember to NEVER attempt tricks or spins if you don’t feel safe! If you are having a shaky, slippery day, perhaps it’s time to go back to basics, do your strengthening exercises, and just work on easy hold s and spins. Complex work can always wait until a better day!

Posted in Pole Dancing By Grace Alexander

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