Sexy pole dancing has a bad rap; for years, it was relegated to the dimly lit venues of the strip clubs, snickered about and considered no decent activity. However, today pole fitness is becoming a highly respected sport, with celebrities employing it for core body strength and many advocating that pole dancing be featured in the Olympics.

Pole Fitness is Becoming Mainstream

Truth be told, pole dancing is far more than swaying seductively from side to side. It takes an amazing amount of toned upper body strength and training to be able to keep up in an advanced pole dancing class, and the scanty workout attire is practical rather than seductive - bare skin grips the pole best, so upper arms, thighs and midriffs must needs be free to contact the pole.

The Art of the Pole

When it comes to artistic ability and skill, pole dancing ranks up there with Olympic level gymnastics; the elegant art of dressage; or the breathless movement of figure skating. Women (and men) who pole dance are caught up in the rhythm of the music, fluidly translating each rhythmic move into a segue to the next.

Try it for Yourself

Interested in pole dancing classes? Find a studio near you and give it a try. Don't let your body weight, shape, or anything else deter you - pole dancers come from all walks of life and bond over their love of the sport - just like acolytes of any other activity.

Join the Community

Pole dancers are a friendly lot, always welcoming to newcomers and encouraging. There is a wealth of material online and in studio to help you begin your journey, and you'll be amazed at the health benefits of doing something so freeing and fun - it is exercise, after all!

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