Inspirational person of the month - Kim


I am not an athlete. I played basketball in high school, coached young girls and ran a few 5k’s and boy do I love to dance. Some may say, that sounds like an athlete, but I contend that I am not an athlete. When I think of an athlete, I think of people like my brother a nationally ranked wrestler in high school and college, a triathlete, and marathoner (he ran two in the span of three weeks). Athletes to me are those people who push their bodies to achieve that next level. They endure the discomfort, injuries and long hours because they want to know just how far they can go and they love the rewards of their hard work. I, on the other hand have always been fine with doing just enough. I was not a starter on the basketball team and that was fine with me. Once I was able to run an entire 5k without walking, I was done. I did not feel compelled to go faster or farther. My drive has always lived on the academic side. I never let a little pain or a minor setback stop me. I have three college degrees, all of which I am very proud. The last degree was obtained by going to school part-time for four years, at night while working a demanding full time job. I’ve always understood the need to push myself academically, but I never felt the same athletically.


Fast forward to my discovery of pole dancing. At first it started like some of my other athletic attempts. I liked the dance part, which came easily, but I was not really interested in strength part, a.k.a the stuff that required me to push, or dare I say it, experience some discomfort. I was off and on with pole dancing for two years, then something clicked. When I pushed, I got results that I never knew could happen. Now when my very talented instructors demonstrate a move that looks impossible, instead of just standing by waiting for them to do an easier version, or worse yet, just outright refusing to try, I jump right in. Don’t get me wrong, there are still days when I just stand and stare thinking the moves are certainly not meant for me, but those days are fewer and fewer.


So, I stand by my opening statement that I am not an athlete, but through pole dancing, I'm getting there.