By Jessica, PoleFly Owner

I started Pole in early 2011 after a friend of mine had taken an Intro to pole class with some ladies from work and she highly recommended it. We started taking classes, and I was immediately hooked. My work schedule made it difficult to attend classes, so I got a pole for my house. I tried to attend one class a week at a studio and then used online training courses to further my home pole practice. This lack of classes, also lead me to seek out alternate trainings and I started a deep pilates practice and dabbled in yoga and other aerials as well. This desire to learn, transferred to a passion for teaching and sharing my knowledge with others.
PoleFly in New Haven, CT
I left a studio setting for a while to expand my own training, get new and fresh perspectives, traveled around, got different certifications and explored various areas of fitness. I also started posting my Journey on Instagram with the name @polefly and it really took off. At this time, pole was just starting to become an "acceptable" form of fitness and I found myself being approached more and more from peers and strangers in the new haven area that wanted me to teach them pole fitness. I put my trust in others, and PoleFly Aerial Fitness LLC was born.
PoleFly Having Fun
We opened our doors to the public Jan 2014 and I knew from the start that I wanted this to be a fitness studio, where anyone was welcome. Any gender, age, shape, background! I wanted to combine the cross training that I love, flexible hours for different schedules, and the ability to learn at your own pace. No curriculum, no courses, drop in whenever you can and build your own, well rounded fitness routine.
My focus is 100% on each individuals unique goals. No two bodies are the same, so why train them the same? Our strength at PoleFly is that we are very adaptable and accommodating. I have been blessed to be apart of so many peoples journeys, the ups and the downs, as they are apart of my journey, as a studio owner, teacher, coach, friend, and forever student of fitness and life.
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