Looking for a sexy new workout? Wondering what sets pole fitness apart?After all, wouldn't yoga or Pilates be just as good?


The answer: No! Pole dancing is a far more strenuous and beneficial discipline than either yoga or Pilates, and here's why:


* Pole dancers, unlike Yoga advocates and Pilates acolytes, gain far more upper body strength and core strength. They can literally support their body weight with just one limb!


* Pole fitness works out leg and arm muscles you just don't reach with yoga and Pilates. Polers can risk becoming lopsided, however, so make sure you work your weak side as well as your leading side!


* Pole dancing class is a way to meet people and share styles, as well as providing a great workout. Pilates and yoga tend to be quiet and solitary - even if you are in a group.


* Pole dancing lets you be creative. With yoga and Pilates, you have your workout all laid out for you. With pole fitness, you get to create your own workouts, and add your own style and flair to each move!


* Polers get the best outfits. Let's be honest - yoga pants or a PIlates top isn't all that sexy when you compare it to the awesome outfits you get to create and wear for your pole dance competitions!


* Pole dancing is a competitive sport, and could soon be in the Olympics! (Can you say "Poleympics"? We can!) You won't see yoga or Pilates being included any time soon.


Beside of all these other reasons, Poling is also a way to feel sexy and empowered, totally in control of your body, yet creating something beautiful. You certainly won't get bruises, skinned hands and all the other travails that pole fitness lovers do, but you also will never get the rush from completing a yoga or Pilates move that you will when you master your first fireman spin on the pole! Forget about tame exercise routines, and look for a pole-dancing class near you today.