Some of my favorite classes to teach as a pole dancing instructor are the beginners. It's intoxicating to see the smiles on my new students' faces when they achieve their first pole goals and I would do anything to help them. Pole beginners have so many valid questions about our sport. Here is one I keep hearing over and over:

“I just started pole dancing and I enjoy it very much, but my hands are sweating so much. Is there anything I can do to prevent that?”

1. Keep your hands clean

Make sure you wash your hands from lotions and any other greasy residue before you get on the pole. Ok, this seems obvious. But sometimes we forget about the products we use on our bodies, face, hair. If you touch any other body part that has a greasy product on it, your hands will slide down the pole next time you touch it.

2. Keep your pole clean

Firm wipe down with a clean towel and a rubbing alcohol should do the trick. As a pole dancing beginner you will probably need to do this often, but that is quite normal, as you progress you will become more confident with your pole grip.

3. Pace yourself

I know, you want to learn that new spin really badly and it’s easy to get frustrated with your sweaty hands that are holding you back. Just relax, take a break, alternate between sides and between exercises. If you don’t land that spin today, it will happen next time. Enjoy the learning process, practice makes perfect.

4. Use a pole grip occasionally

Occasionally is the important word here. These products can really help, but it’s important that you don’t use them all the time! If you learn how to rely on them as a beginner, you will have a hard time performing even the simple movements without them down the road.  As you become a more advanced pole dancer, your grip will strengthen naturally, so give your hands a chance.

My top 3 products: