Are you ready for 2015? Do you have New Years' resolutions all lined up? Is one of those to take up pole dancing?

If not, why not?!

There are hundreds of reasons to take up pole dancing in 2015, but Pole Zone is just going to list six. Here we go!

To get fit. Pole fitness is a rapidly growing trend and it's an intense workout for your core, your abs, your arms and your legs. Look for a pole fitness class near you, and try it out! You'll find that polers are a friendly bunch, and always willing to help out a newbie. Before long, you'll be installing your own pole and practicing night and day, wearing bruises like a badge of honor (we call them pole kisses!)

To have fun. Polers are always having a blast, whether it is learning a new move, helping each other choreograph a routine, singing along to the music, or trying on new outfits. You'll look forward to your pole dance class like you would a party - it's a party all the time with polers in the house!

To raise your self esteem. Many people, especially women, have poor body image and self esteem. Learning to pole helps on several levels - you get to hang out with non-judgemental people who appreciate you for who you are, you get to "improve" your body by getting fit, and you can learn that every body type is capable of pole dancing. This is an enormous boost!

To meet new people. Did we mention pole dancers are awesome? If you are looking to make friends with people who are loyal, fun loving, supportive and cool, hang with some polers. You will find a camaraderie that is unmatched in the world of sports and hobbies.

To become more confident. You can't stay timid if you pole dance. You'll learn to have confidence in your body, confidence in your skills, and confidence in your attitude. The first time you suck it up and perform in front of an audience, you'll be amazed at how great it feels! (Not to mention how sexy you'll feel as you get to know just how amazing your body is!)

Finally, pole dancing is unique, different, and mainstream all at once. When people ask what you do for fun, you'll have the best answer in the room! "I pole dance" isn't code for "I'm a stripper" any more - it's a recognized sport that may become Olympian in the near future, and you can hold your head high when you tell people you practice in your living room!

Come on. Check out a pole class and find out if you have what it takes to be a poler in 2015!