Aspire Ankle Strap Platform Sandals by PleaserWhat pole dancer doesn't like to pole dance in platform heels? Let’s be honest, even if you are the poler that prefers practicing barefoot, don’t you love to put on those 6”,7” or 8” pole heels from time to time? Yeah, I know, many claim that their feet hurt after wearing them for while and that their pole shoes are not so comfortable and they can’t dance or walk around in them for too long. Well ladies and gentlemen, we have a solution for you!


Our girls can’t get enough of the Aspire line from Pleaser! These heels are truly the most comfortable platform shoes out there. They are 6” heel feature unconventional 2 ¼”  platform, while traditional 6” heels come with 1 ¾” platform. That makes a huge difference for the angle of your foot, it results in less dramatic arch and also less calf muscle strain. You basically feel like wearing much lower heel shoes.


Aspire line is also designed with much bigger platform base and wider heel than traditional high heel pole shoes. You immediately feel more stable and balanced. If you are not used to wearing thin stilettos or if you need a little extra help with balance, these Pleasers are for you. You feel much more at ease to walk around in these even if you are not holding a pole.


The footbed of Aspire shoes is bigger than in traditional heels which results in your foot feeling much more comfortable instantly, not so squeezed in the toebox. And if feel like the footbed is not wide enough in your traditional heels and you experience trouble with your toes going over the edge, that is not the case here.


The insole in Aspire line is made out of vegan faux leather and is extremely comfortable. It’s smooth, very soft and cushy and is non-slip. It is also very easy to clean.


Ladies, if you haven’t had any luck finding pole dancing shoes that are the right fit for you so far, I can assure you these are the most comfortable ones out there! As a representative I often go from one pole dancing studio to the next with shoe samples and I can tell you from my experience, girls can’t get enough of the Aspire line. There are many beautiful options to choose from and they are all made with comfort in mind.

Aspire Shoes by Pleaser