Pole fitness is all the rage, and for good reason. You get a great workout, tone your entire body, gain self-confidence and even look and feel sexier as you swing, spin and hang upside down!


The first step is finding a great pole fitness studio to try out your newly found activity. If pole dance classes make you happier than you've ever been, you may decide to get your very own dance pole installed!


We sell a variety of poles, from multi-piece poles that install with a simple hex key to permanent one-piece static or spinning poles that will accommodate even the highest ceilings.


Step One: Measure Twice, Buy Once!


Most dance poles (or stripper poles as many still call them) fall into one of three categories - those for nine foot or under ceilings, those for ceilings up to ten feet high, and those for over ten foot ceilings. Choose a pole that will fit your ceiling height. For permanent poles, measure extremely accurately - we custom cut these poles to fit!


Step Two:Surface Requirements


Make certain your installation surface is smooth.Trying to install the bottom of the pole over thick carpet the top of the pole to a ceiling studded with texture simply won't work - you need a smooth, clean surface to ensure the top and bottom base fit flat and can be secured tightly.


Step Three: Safety First


If your ceiling is vaulted, say so when ordering - you need a specialized kit for installation. If you are using a compression fit pole, the "clean, flat surface" becomes even more of a priority. If you own your home and can use a screwed down pole, even better. Make certain you follow instructions to the letter.


Step Four:Clearance


If you install a pole too close to a wall or doorway, you can whack your arm or leg on it when doing a spin or whack yourself if you fall off. Make sure you've allowed plenty of room around your pole (rule of thumb: a circle with a radius at least as long as you are tall!)


Watch this video to see exactly how to install a popular style of dance pole. And don't worry about people who raise an eyebrow at your "stripper pole" in your living room. If they can't accept your style of fitness, that's on them!