Mila wearing boots


Are you struggling with your pole dancing moves and want a bit more grip? Need some extra leg protection for those extended pole sessions? Want to look fabulous at the same time? Then you need a pair of boots in your life!


Not all boots are good, but will help you to choose the right ones so you can benefit from them while pole dancing.


Ankle boots:
Ankle boots add some useful padding to protect your feet while practicing your climbs over and over. Pole dancers all know the pain on the top of our feet, we know the bruises and we’ve all lost skin at one point or another. Ankle boots are great protection from those scrapes and bruises and they really help your climbing foot grip. One of my students calls her ankle boots “magic”, Doesn’t that say it all?


Calf boots:
Are just as helpful for climbing as the ankle boots. They can give you a real boost when your arm strength is waning at the end of a long pole dancing session. They also protect your calves from bruising if you are new to spins and you keep bumping into the pole. As an instructor I always tell my students “place your body on the pole, don’t bang your body into the pole”. So if you need a bit of extra protection while learning new spins or to help holding poses like the bow, calf boots are ideal.


Thigh boots:
Yes, the Pretty Woman boot. Oh, so sexy! We all secretly want to wear them out on a Saturday night. But not just that, ladies, they are simply amazing at gripping the pole! Also they are great for learning certain moves like knee holds. The stickiness gives you some extra security while you practice and the padding around the knee joints makes the experience less painful. You should definitely consider getting a pair if you’d like a bit of extra help with your inverts or if you are planning to perform in public. From my own experience that can sometimes be very stressful and cause extra perspiration and that translate to sliding off the pole. And also, you never know what the floor at the venue will look like, so your thigh high boots can offer protection for your knees while doing floor work. I deem my thigh boots invaluable.


So how to choose the right pole dancing boots?


1. Make sure they are the right material
Stay away from soft leather boots, they are not good for pole dancing. They are extremely slippery and offer no grip at all. So if you see SUEDE or FAUX LEATHER in the description stay away!
Plastic or shiny boots are a much better. If you see PATENT LEATHER or STRIPED PATENT (PAT, STR PAT) you are good to go.


2. Beware of accessories
These are so many cool boots out there, with studs, buckles, chains, fringes, laces all over the place and hooks, but none of those are options for pole dancers. We need a clear boot. The ones with zippers on the inside of the leg or front lace up are best. If the zipper or lace is in the wrong place you will lose your mobility and the precious grip.


3. Size matters
Go up in size. If you have a pair of pole dancing heels with an open toe and a heel that is size 7, you will need your boots in size 8. In some instances I have my students go even 2 sizes bigger to be comfortable. We are used to our toes being free, so we usually downsize a bit for pole dancing shoes, but with the closed foot boot the recommendation is to go bigger.
Also, watch for the sizes of calf circumference and boot shaft height in the description to find yourself a boot that will fit you just right.



Ladies and gentlemen, we know you will love your boots, but don’t get addicted! Take them off once in awhile to make sure your pole dancing progress stays top notch. You may be surprised how much harder it is suddenly stick to the pole with your skin. Many competitions do not allow boots because of the huge advantage they give, so if you are thinking about competing, you have to practice accordingly.